21 Reasons Why “I” Don’t Have To Wear A Mask!

Why Pandemics Won’t Go Away: A Satire

allows for spirited media interviews with a
light hearted - but serious - look at a most
Serious Problem!

Once upon a time, about 11:30 on a Saturday morning, author Ken Christensen went to the local hardware store to discover 10+ people milling about in the checkout area without masks. The man next in line wore a T-shirt that said: “YOUR OPINION MATTERS TO ME”!

Without missing a beat, Ken pointed at him and said, “My opinion is you need to wear a mask!

His wife responded with “I’m not wearing any underwear either!”

This troubled Ken for the next week and he reflected on the numerous encounters he had with maskless people since March 2020 and decided to write a book about his experiences.

Why Pandemics Won’t Go Away: A Satire

After months of exhaustive research, author Ken Christensen has compiled a list of 21 Reasons why people feel they don’t need to wear a face mask in public. Highlighted by cartoons reflecting a specific “Excuse” some may find this book and e-pub enlightening, and others, disturbing!

Written with a Satirical perspective, also included are commentaries by Ken which include:
• How I stayed politically neutral over the years
• What my mother taught me about politics
• Social Media - Destroying Friends and Family for years!

This book, and e-pub, attempt to shed light on the thinking:
“Pandemic? What Pandemic?

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